Because we’re dedicated to the pure, honest and simple expression of love, we think sometimes art and poetry is an excellent way to communicate that love. And what better person than our go-to erotica writer, Dr. Limor Blockman. Enjoy erotica? Read on.

* * *

A roseate top covering bare nipples,
She was spotted by him, as he was walking over
Ushering his toddlers into a toy store.
His broad shoulders, his parted lips, his coveting stare
Left her gaped in awe.
She followed him inside like a dog in heat,
Watching him between the shelves.
He could not take his eyes of her eager body,
Her profound carnal fervor.
He knew he must take her,
Here, now, strenuous!
A quick text message delivered his nanny at the entrance,
Embracing the young angels in her warm caress.
They left together without saying a word and walked into the fancy department store
Down the road.
Narrow dressing room, the scent of fresh tea tree covering his lips
As he closed them on her dilated aperture.
His pink tongue disappeared magically in her rosy slit,
She panted and gasped in his fierce invasion
And when he finally assailed into her,
Filling her up to her apex,
She knew she had to gulp him with her entire being
Here, now, strenuous!

Cross posted with permission from Dr. Limor’s Smut Diaries blog.

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