Because we’re dedicated to the pure, honest and simple expression of lust, we think sometimes art and poetry is an excellent way to communicate that love. And what better person than our go-to erotica writer, Dr. Limor Blockman called Indiscipliné. Enjoy erotica? Passionate wordsmith? Keep your dictionary handy and read on.

* * *

Your firm yet delicate hand
Released my high, narrow heel
Seized amidst the wooden cracks
Of the steep verandah.
As you caressed my ankle,
I sensed your warm touch gently skulking
Up my thigh.
You held on to the small of my back
And kissed my hand,
You asked for my name,
In a fine tremor,
I leaned and whispered in your ear
And you smiled,
Because you knew.

Your love and zealous ardor,
Placed me in your kind embrace.
I have granted your wish
Dressed in silk and lace,
Royally brandishing your trophy,
For the world to see.
But this golden pinfold,
Left me breathless
And twinged,
My wings condensed and shrieked
With every ornate gown,
Slipping over my flushed skin,
And my parched sex.
So I decorticated the spoils
And hastened my nakedness out of your exquisite bars,
I kissed your lips atoningly
And you frowned,
Because you knew.!-

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