Written by Dr. Limor Blockman. Dr. Limor is a renowned clinical sex counselor, educator, columnist, speaker and author. Born and raised in Haifa, Israel Dr. Limor religiously relates her creating and writing explorations and achievements to her origin and her Judaism.

I have come for you! You will not descry my presence
Until I storm and claim you
You will nevermore be the same,
Things may appear compos mentis In your shielded existence,
But upon coucher du soleil When you attempt to close your eyes,
I will be there, ravaging your body, your soul!
I will deluge every pore of your skin
With uninterrupted pleasures,
I will devour your luscious offering
And indulge in your assailable expression.
You will desecrate every slit and curve of my body
And I will invite it, plead for it.
You will watch me squirm, entangle, beg and erupt in your dexterity..
You will assert in your ownership and your control,
But nothing will square you for my attack,
On your feverish mind, your craving being
When I squander you
To your primal core!
I will haunt your dreams, I will torment your essence
And you will crawl back,
Beseeching for more of that staggering pleasure and pain..
You are star crossed,
I am Lilith!

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